Let’s Talk About It – The Modern World

As we are moving in the modern world, questions should arise about what kind of world we are moving towards. The truth is, we are entering a new era. It will be hard for those who are not aware of it to cope with what is to come and there is a danger that it may even lead to an increase in suicides. Only those who are prepared for it will fit into the world I am talking about. There are changes taking place that affect us, whether we are aware of them or not. The coming world is a place where life is based on survival and even more challenges. To understand this modernisation,we can look at how life is be and compare to today.  For example, in the olden days, people lived longer because there are more illnesses today than ever before. The reality is that there are even more illnesses that are yet to strike mankind. We can also look at how the environment has been affected by the modern world. Natural resources are being used up in the name of money. The earth is continually being destroyed and the laws of nature have been disrupted. The system of capitalism is a major example of modernisation and what it has done to humanity. For example, human beings are losing more of their compassion because people will do anything for money nowadays. A few generations ago, money did not have as much value  as  it  has  now, The world has shifted to a more money-orientated environment and money has more value than life in the modern world. Technology is the major driver of today’s world and those who are not technologically advanced will have to remain in the dark. We just have to look at our communities to see how many issues humans have to deal with today. There are more problems and social ills than ever before, relating to health, unemployment, teenage pregnancies Let us be aware of the world we are moving into and learn about it so we are better able to survive it. We need to acquire as much knowledge as we can. This is a world driven by information and there is so much that we, as people, have to learn and teach our children. This will make us better citizens of the coming world. If the children are not properly guided they will fall victim to this deadly world. We have already seen the violence that has taken place among the youth lately. In order to avoid being affected by the modern world, we humans have to return to humanity and move towards spirituality.

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