Let’s Talk About It – Changing the world

I know it seems to many like Mission Impossible to try and change the world but, in the words of the late icon, Nelson Mandela, everything seems impossible until it’s done. The great leader went on to prove it and we are now living his dream. This is an example to all of us that things really can happen. I believe that changing the world is
one of those ‘impossible until it’s done’ ideas at a time when everyone is hopeless about our world and its future.
Many people think things will always remain the same and nothing will ever change but where is the hope in that? If
we all go around feeling that there is no chance of things getting better, why are we still alive? What are we living for?
Why do we exist if we have given up on life? These are the questions I would like society to ask themselves because there must be a reason for everything. We cannot go on as if we do not have the power to change things. If we are not in charge, then who is? I believe the world will change when people change. If people would change their attitudes towards change, we would see a difference. The problem is that people are afraid of change because it upsets their comfort zone. Many have just accepted that this is the way it is, and that’s okay. If more people started caring, we
would definitely see changes. The fact that we live in a society where there are very few selfless people affects us all.
The world would change if more people are prepared to love. We are currently living in a hateful society that, sadly, leads to cruelty. Firstly, people who hate themselves tend to project that hatred towards others and this has become a way of life. If we are to change the world, we need to start loving humanity and the environment we live in. We can change the world if we are determined to do what is right and stop allowing negativity to prevail. Until we realize that we are the government, we will never have the power to change the world. It is about time that we stand up for what is right Z we all want a better life for everyone. As we move towards a new era of love, I believe selfless individuals who aim to make a difference can change the world. The world can change with more positive people and we can make a difference if we only try.

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