Sinkhole-related issues will still be here for some time to come

Residents of various streets in Khutsong Extension 3 are still bothered by the recurring severe sewage leakages in this area.
Residents of various streets in Khutsong Extension 3 are still bothered by the recurring severe sewage leakages in this area.

While workers are in the process of repairing sinkhole damage at several sites in the area, the problems related to these will still be with us for some time to come.
Residents of Welverdiend and Khutsong Ext. 5 in particular, still have to get by without water for large parts of every day. This has been going on since a huge sinkhole snapped the pipeline linking these areas to the Adatta reservoirs near Doornfontein last year.
When the Herald’s journalist and a councillor, Mr Carlos Rebelo, recently visited the site, the sinkhole had already been filled up. It was still not clear when the pipeline would be rebuilt, however.
There have been rumours that the ground will first have to settle before the pipeline can be finished.
When the Herald asked the municipal spokesperson to verify this, he said, ‘No, Cogta (Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs) in Gauteng is in the process of finalising the procurement processes to reconstruct the 900 mm pipe.’
In the meantime, residents of Khutsong Ext. 3 are still struggling with huge sewage leaks that have sprung up in this area again. In some areas, like the vicinity near houses No. 6737 and 6804, whole streets and yards were flooded, even though the contractors have been busy repairing the sewerage infrastructure for months.
‘What makes us even more upset is that the municipality does not send Honeysuckers here to pump out the worst overflows as as it does in other areas,’ said an Ext. 3 resident, Mr Chucku Kerileng.
‘The spillage occurred when the outfall sewer line collapsed; it is part of the projects to be addressed in the disaster fund relief. The Honeysucker is being used but it is currently not strong enough to resolve the problem because of the high volumes involved,’ explained the municipal spokesperson.
The municipality also admitted that the pipe testing for the new pipeline at Carletonville 007 and Bluebell, which was scheduled for between 20:00 and 02:00 from 1 to 8 August has still not been completed. The operations would have caused water interruptions throughout Carletonville.

‘Inspections will still have to be done before the project is completed and, only then, will the water supply get back to normal. The public will be notified as soon as
everything is back on track,’ the municipal spokesperson said.
‘The sinkholes identified in the project are at various stages of rehabilitation and the municipality is awaiting final inspections on some of them. Some will not be  completely rehabilitated as part of the current process and the additional work needed will be addressed in the post-relief programme,’ he concluded.

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