10 things you didn’t know about the automotive industry

When it comes to knowing everything there is to know about cars, take a look at these facts only a true car genius would know about the automotive industry:

  • Autonomous vehicles are not exactly a thing of distant-future. There are many vehicles that are used today that are autonomous. From having power steering installed, to activating sensors when there is an impending crash, and cruise control which prevents you from tailgating another car. Autonomous vehicles are very much a thing today!
  • It only takes about 25 hours to build a car and 10 hours of that which are dedicated to painting. Mind-blowing!
  • Self-driving cars could improve highway flow by regulating distances between cars and ease urban congestion by automating the search for parking (which causes up to three-quarters of city traffic).
  • Struggling to get your driver’s license? How is this for an interesting fact, in 2012 Nevada became the first state to issue driver’s licenses to self-driving cars.
  • If perhaps you’ve ever wondered how strong a Ford GT is, know this: during its ‘roof crushing’ test to determine whether its exterior is strong enough, the car broke the crushing machine.
  • All car models created after 2012 have built-in Electronic Stability Control. This it is a system that stabilises your car if you turn too quickly or when your car loses control on a wet or iced road.
  • It would take approximately 6 months (if it were possible) to get to the moon and back by car at 60km/hr.
  • There are currently more than 1 billion cars in use on earth. And plenty more that are not in use.
  • The reason for so many people surviving serious accidents because of their seatbelts can be credited to Volvo. Since inventing the three-point seatbelt and allowing other car-makers to copy this at no cost, millions of lives are saved each year. Volvo reportedly saves a life every six minutes because of their patent.
  • In 1900, only 22% of cars in America were powered by petrol. 40% of them ran by steam, and 38% were electrically powered.

Cars are one of the many things invented that makes our life easier. And having car insurance makes it more worthwhile to drive your car, autonomous or not, with confidence.

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