Let’s talk about it – The importance of forgiving

It is very important for us, as human beings, to learn to forgive each other. Life is too short to be living with grudges
and we will be doing ourselves a favour by letting go of some of the things we may have been holding on to. It is not that easy to forgive someone who has wronged us, however, because the scars still remain. Many people who have been hurt long ago still cannot find it in their hearts to forgive their perpetrators. It may take a very long time to get
to the place where you can let bygones be bygones. But, forgiveness is important because it helps us to heal. It is
about helping ourselves by allowing ourselves to move on. Without forgiveness, we may find ourselves carrying
unnecessary baggage which, at some point, may become so heavy that we cannot continue with our lives. If we, as individuals have wronged someone, it is pretty likely that we would appreciate their forgiveness and, therefore, it is only right to apologise to show remorse. Forgiveness transcends all relationships because, we, as humans, are
bound to make mistakes and end up unintentionally hurting others. One thing we need to accept is that we are
all people and no one in this whole wide world is perfect. We say hurtful things and sometimes do things that
harm others. We all need to forgive because we have all wronged someone else. There is no way that human beings
can live without making mistakes. We all have faults and something that we need to improve upon. If just for that
reason, we should find it in our hearts to forgive. Some people are quick to forgive and forget, others take time to
forgive and then there are those who hardly ever forget. Forgiving someone is a process because we are constantly reminded of the perceived wrongdoing when we see them. We need to take our own time to complete the emotional healing process. I have learnt that forgiveness starts with being able to forgive ourselves first. How will we know what forgiving others means if we have not practiced it on ourselves? Many people suffer emotionally because
they have not learnt to forgive. It is true that everyone has different experiences and can experience hurt in various degrees. The point is that, at some point or another, we need to let go of grudges in order to live a normal life. Grudges make us bitter but, through learning to forgive, we allow ourselves to put it behind us and carry on with our lives.

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