Let’s Talk About It – The pressure of material obsession

Let us face it, material things have basically taken over the human life, especially the human mind. Nowadays, people are obsessed with having material objects. We all want beautiful, fancy things for ourselves, often placing us under unnecessary pressure to have those particular things. We have now reached a point where this material obsession has gone out of control – people will go to any lengths to achieve what they want. What strikes me the most is that most of us live a life where we have become completely dependent on things that we do not really need, to live. Life is simple but material things have changed the whole concept and it is now complicated by material
things. Humankind has forgotten about humanity and the value of human life; people even commit violent crimes in
pursuit of desirable things. Many people currently live under pressure because they do not have this or that. The very thought often plunges them into a state of desperation. Nowadays, we are driven by a desire to possess things that, we believe, will give us fulfilment. We seek fulfilment in material things and expect them to make us happy. One of the saddest things about this condition is that people put themselves into debt for these things because they want to fit in with society’s standards of a good life is. Many young people in schools find themselves stressing about what they do not have and they lose focus on their future because they are under pressure from their peers or the broader
society. The pressure of not having often leads people into depression. First of all, one wants but does not have. The pressure comes from wanting something that we know we cannot have. What makes is worse is not even having a plan to get it. The feeling of being stuck is very depressing and can lead one to make very irrational decisions. With this kind of material obsession, most people struggle to find meaning in life and strive to replace it with objects. The truth is that material things cannot make anyone happy. All human beings are in pursuit of happiness but we often think we can find it in the things we can buy. We should rather be looking for it in our search for meaning in life. We can only find true joy by living a meaningful life and finding our purpose. Happiness cannot be bought or acquired by attaining material possessions like money, expensive clothing, fancy houses or cars. Stressing about tangible things only cause us more depression because we will always reach for something more. We work hard for human designs and fall for social traps that have been set by the modern world. I do not think it’s wrong to want nice things, as long as they do not imprison us. What’s the point? We are here to enjoy life, not to live an unnecessarily stressful life. We can only find a meaningful life by replacing the material life with the spiritual life, where
everything is free.

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