Carletonville rapper on the rise

Everyday challenges, struggles, poverty and the lack of education in the country. These are things that everyone can relate to and on which a 25-year-old rapper from Carletonville bases his music. Lehlogonolo Samuel Kolo also gets his inspiration from the events that take place in the street. Kolo was born at Western Deep Levels, mine
No.2 and later lived in the informal settlement of Rivonia in Khutsong. Listening to music has played an important role in his life and his style has been influenced by artists like Dizzy Wright and Ricky Ross. He launched his career by joining the Massive Crackers rap crew and worked on improving his writing skills. He went on to release his single
tracks such as ‘Thoughts’, ‘Lost Ones’, ‘Fly’ and ‘Hopes and Dreams’. Kolo started taking his career seriously when
his cousin raved about his music and encouraged him to take it further. He advised the young musician to invest his time in writing every day in order to grow his lyrical delivery, sentence construction and understanding of different beats. It would also help to develop his own flow. Kolo believes that many people no longer listen to reality and this, he says, is sad. ‘Nowadays, hip-hop is all about selling; it’s good for business but we miss out on a lot of things,
especially the messages,’ he says. Since Kolo recently moved to Bloemfontein, he has performed in venues like Pacofs, Topaz, Hoffman Square and Bloem Plaza. He will be going on tour one of these days and will be releasing an electronic production (EP) titled Mind on the Move. Kolo’s ambition is to own his own, fully equipped studio and run a recording company. He also dreams of sharing the stage with big acts like Nature and Muzee. According to Kolo, anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. ‘Nobody but you has a say over your life; you, alone, have the power to change everything,’ he says passionately. His plan is to keep releasing music for those who follow his movement.
Contact him on 084 582 5510.

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