Let’s Talk About It – Never, ever give up in life

I have noticed that many people have given up in life. They have given up on their dreams, goals, relationships and
even a good life. It is a sad reality to see people without hope for the future. We all reach a point where we feel
exhausted or drained by our ambitions and, sometimes, it feels like nothing will ever happen. It is normal to have negative feelings and thoughts about what we are working for and, at times, we should just allow ourselves to feel bad as long as it does not become a permanent state of mind. When we constantly feel bad, we absorb all that bad energy and, because we dwell in it for so long, it becomes who we are. Anything we spend most of our time thinking about usually becomes our reality because we choose to see it in our minds as we visualize daily. If we spend time thinking we will never be successful, how can we possibly have a positive outlook on success? We cannot be energized to strive for what we want if we constantly think it is impossible. We spend our time convincing ourselves
that we cannot reach that one goal. We tell ourselves things every day of our lives as human beings. What we say to ourselves usually becomes our reality. It is sad to see young people with the potential to make great things happen,
giving up on themselves before they even try. This is the result of the conversations we have with ourselves. What we say to one another is usually what we meditate upon all day. A young person who has dreams needs to be around people who talk about positive things instead of being around negative people who kill our dreams by telling us it is impossible. They will make us feel stupid or crazy for having a dream. Never giving up is all about being focused
and having the courage to go for what we want. It’s about living the life we want and not what someone else
envisages for us. I would like to encourage young people to never ever give up – there is no reward in that. Many talented people have lost all hope in their dreams and they become depressed. Giving up is never an answer and will never solve anything. It will only increase our unhappiness, leading to frustration and anger. We will never be at peace if we have given up because it is just not natural. Man was created to strive. We were created to make things happen because that is what makes us feel alive. If you are at the point of giving up, just think about why you are doing what you are doing and always try and find a bigger purpose so that you cannot give up.

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