Residents complain about noisy tavern in Kokosi

A resident of Kokosi Township in Fochville recently complained to the Herald about a noisy tavern on Mogijina Street. ’Either the place goes or the noise goes,’ says Mr Manex Menzi. According to him, there was no tavern around
when he moved into the area in 1998. The problems began when the ‘Soul to Soul’ tavern opened its doors around
2006. The neighbours say the noise is extreme over weekends and the owner couldn’t care less about their complaints. Menzi objects to what he calls his arrogant attitude. Mrs Agnes Tshwagong, who resides at No. 8 and
has three young children couldn’t agree more. ‘I have also complained but the owner just laughs and says he will fix it. The noise affects my children badly,’ she says. ‘It is so bad that they have to sleep in the sitting room,’ she says. ‘The madness starts from Thursday. People urinate, vomit and do their business in front of our yards and there are also several beer bottles all over the street after a weekend.’ Tshwagong’s dogs were stabbed recently and she suspects it may have something to do with the elements who frequent the tavern. The neighbours are also afraid of break-ins and their cars being stolen as they cannot hear what is happening outside. They also complain that the customers of the tavern park their cars in their driveways. ‘We respect each other in this street and, when we have functions, we make sure we inform each other in time and keep the noise levels down,’ says Tshwagong. The co-owner of the tavern, Mr Ezra Shange, is surprised at the neighbours’ complaints against the owner. ‘I have spoken to him reasonably about the situation and he says his place is the only one that doesn’t open during the week. He says his patrons are adults and he has a crew that picks up the bottles in the morning. He also says his place closes
between midnight and 01:00 and never continues through the night. In fact, he says his customers even complain
that it closes too early.’ Shange promised to resolve the situation peacefully.

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