Holes causing major disruptions

The huge hole at Chico’s entrance.
The huge hole at Chico’s entrance.

Residents of Carletonville have had to be on the lookout for an unprecedented number of holes on sidewalks and streets during the past weeks.
These holes, mostly dug by municipal workers to get to broken water pipes, are still in the way of motorists in roads such as Kaolin Street.
Pedestrians, especially those walking on either side of Dolomite Road have to be particularly careful as most of the sidewalks there have been dug up.
No one’s problems are as bad as that of Mr Fernando Anibal Chico of 141 Dolomite
Road, however. Since 5 December, when municipal workers dug a deep hole in his driveway to get to a leaking pipe, he has not been able to drive out of his yard. The hole, roughly one and a half metres deep, is almost filled to the brim with water and there are large heaps of earth right outside his gate. Although the water was drained
about a week ago, the hole has not been filled up.
Chico, who works at Sibanye Gold, says he has problems getting to work every day.

‘I cannot drive anywhere because I cannot get my car out so I have to walk far to get a lift. There are no taxis around here that go to the shaft where I work and no one at work understands when you say you have a problem,’ he lamented on Monday.

That day, he tried to flatten the heap to the left of his driveway to see if he could get his car out. But the angle at which he would have to drive out of the gate was too steep and the vehicle would certainly have landed up in the hole.
According to Chico, he has complained to the municipality several times and some municipal workers have even been back to work at the hole – it has just never been fixed.
The Herald asked the Merafong City Local Municipality about the problem on Tuesday.
‘The roads and stormwater section started with the rehabilitation of pavements
that had to be opened when the pipes burst. The pace has not been as fast as we would have liked because of our limited resources. The section also started fixing some streets,’ the municipal spokesperson responded.

On Monday, a local councillor, Mr Carlos Rebelo, tried to help.

On Monday, a local councillor, Mr Carlos Rebelo, tried to help.


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