Let’s Talk About It – Don’t be afraid to fail

I believe that many more people would succeed if they were not so afraid of failure. When the fear of failure overrides
the excitement of success, we only see the negative and block ourselves from going after our goals. People are too concerned about what others think of them and are afraid of being the laughing stock if things do not turn out according to plan. Many people have great ideas and beautiful dreams but they stop short of taking action because they are afraid of the embarrassment of failure. Sadly, so much potential is being wasted just because of fear because,
when it takes over our souls, we become paralysed and basically cannot do anything. Millions of people all over the world are governed by the spirit of fear and, in my opinion, being afraid to fail is almost like being afraid to succeed.
Life is all about taking risks but few people are willing to take them – that is why there are so few successful people
in the world. I believe that failure is there for a reason and how we deal with it determines our measure of success. If we look at our setbacks as failures, we will always have a negative perception of challenges. By feeling bad about our
failures and challenges we, in fact, only weaken ourselves. When we view failure as a stepping stone, on the other
hand, we learn from our mistakes, become better, improve and grow. There can be no growth without learning so
we need to learn as much as possible if we want to succeed. Many people think success can be achieved overnight. They prefer shortcuts to working hard and working smart. Successful people did not wake up successful – they had to go through the worst and overcome their challenges. As long as we are willing to go through the process of success, we are sure to succeed. We also need to assess what success means to us as individuals. If it is based on money and material achievement, we soon lose our drive. We need a more divine motive to keep us going through the tough times on the road to success. If we have a good reason to pursue our dreams, it will always motivate us to keep working. If our dream or goal can make difference, add value to someone’s life or make a change, it is worth fighting for. Failure has never been a bad thing if you look at the good side of it and don’t only focus on what others will say.
We can use failure to become better people and even teach others from what we learn along the way. I urge ambitious people to not be afraid of failing because, in life, we are allowed to fail; failure is the beginning of success, after all.

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