Let’s Talk About It – The pressure

As human beings, we have to go through so much pressure in life that it often leads to depression. The kind of pressure usually depends on the stage of life we are at but, the truth is, not everyone can handle the pressure that comes with life. It is not easy to deal with pressure. Period. The pressure of material achievement can be exhausting as we live in a very competitive society where people may make us feel left out if we don’t have any. Young people find themselves conflicted because they want to live up to the standards that have been set for them. But, if they do not fit in, they find different ways of escaping their anger, like using drugs. It is no coincidence that many young
people venture into unproductive lifestyles as they try and copy what is being done in the world. The information they are fed, the images they see and what they hear have shaped their thinking that material things are what life is all about. When they cannot keep up with the world’s expectations, they feel pressurized because the world is always producing new products to be consumed. We are always looking for more to consume and that leaves those who cannot afford it in distress. Financial pressure is very harsh and leaves many of us frustrated because we want to fulfil our needs and wants. We live in a world that is run by money and, without it, life is hell. We end up missing the point of why we are actually alive and missing out on precious moments because of stress. Sometimes, the challenges are overwhelming and we end up feeling that life is not worth living. In that state of mind, it is hard to do anything.
It is a sad truth that poverty has become normal and it is acceptable for the poor to get poorer and the rich to get richer. The result is that many people give up on themselves, believing that that is how life was meant to be. As a person, I have my own battles that I am trying to overcome. I just want every reader out there to know that they
are not alone. Feeling alone can be the most damaging emotion and I encourage people to speak about their issues
and not let them boil inside. It is never easy to talk about one’s problems but it is worth it because it can help to ease the pressure.gladiator

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