Let’s Talk About It – just start doing

Everyone has something they want to achieve in life; the only dilemma is where and how to start. We can all dream, plan and envision where we want to be but as long as we do not take the first step, we will never really know what we are doing. It is one thing to talk but it is another thing, altogether, to walk. Once we have begun our journey, we
will find that the mental picture we have been carrying in our pursuit is totally different from the real world. The fantasy of how things will be immediately fades away because we are not in the dream anymore – and the reality
can be far from what we expect. We get to learn that life is not plain sailing and the picture we have of things working
out perfectly disappears. Starting something can be the most difficult stage of the dream because we realise it is not as easy as we thought or imagined. In our minds, things look simple but, in the real world, things work differently.
We often have to overcome unforeseen challenges that may either hinder our progress or encourage us to keep moving towards the goal. It takes courage to start something new in life but, once we have passed that stage, we are well on our way to achievement. I encourage those who have started working on one of their goals to keep going and know that they are already a winner just by starting. They are a handful among millions who are brave enough to have taken the first step. The starting point is the most important and often the most challenging, too, because we have to overcome the fear of the unknown. Fear keeps most people from doing anything in life because they are afraid of failure and what others think or say. Fear is just poisonous. Period. The only way to succeed is to face, overcome, conquer and get rid of that fear. When we do get around to doing our thing, we realise that the fear is, in fact, nothing; it is just an illusion that arouses doubt. Fear is evil because it causes so many dreams that could change the world for the better to disappear, unfulfilled. Life is about fighting for what we want and if we allow fear to stand in our way, we will never get to live the dream we have in our mind. I have learnt that we do not get what we want – we get what we fight for. We can plan as much as we want but, without taking the initiative, there are no results.
It is better to learn from experience than to experience nothing at all. To all the dreamers out there – just start doing and the rest will follow. Be consistent in what you are doing and success is guaranteed.

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