Words of Wisdom: Overcoming Crisis

Alone Pilusa.
Alone Pilusa.

Living on earth requires of us to expect the unexpected and prepare for the unforeseen. Nobody thought the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe would step aside in 2017 in the manner in which he did. It took a crisis to enforce such change. The soldiers became the drivers of that crisis; that’s the nature of life. Each one of us will face some type of crisis at one time or another. We all encounter situations over which we have no personal control, that we did not expect or could not prevent. Many  of us, perhaps, are still trying to recover from a broken marriage, a stillborn baby or the unexpected death of a parent, child, or loved one. Maybe you have lost your dream house, your dream car, your baby or your business. Whatever your situation, these are all categorised as crises. You need to have the necessary mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual tools to successfully weather these seasons of turmoil. A crisis can make you or break you, depending on how you respond to it. You will often hear it said that the words for ‘crisis’ in Japanese and Chinese are the same as the word ‘oppor tunity’. When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II, it obliterated the city and over 100 000 people were killed. The buildings were levelled; the soil was poisoned but the Japanese took hold of the hands that reached out to help them, and they worked day and night to rebuild their city and their country. Today, they are number one in so many categories – their cars, their technology and a lot more. Preparation in every aspect of life is crucial when dealing with any form of crisis. Instead of being led by fear, we need to be led by the knowledge of  managing crisis effectively. There is the power within us but most of us underestimate the power we possess. I have learnt that a crisis breeds development, solutions and creativity. It reminds me of Joshua in the Bible after Moses passed on; God encouraged him to be strong and courageous. Why? Because courage and strength already existed within him. In essence, that power was lying there dormant. Remember, the Creator gave us dominion and power to dominate crisis from the book of Genesis. Where there is a crisis, there Christ. Love, peace and happiness.gladiator

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