Let’s Talk About It – Becoming a better person

It is an undisputed fact that no one is perfect and, if anyone could be perfect, they wouldn’t be human. As people, we tend to expect others to be perfect and yet we know that we all make mistakes. Allowing ourselves and others to be imperfect takes a great deal of acceptance. Not feeling accepted is sometimes the most painful feeling that one can experience. I have personal experience of how damaging it can be to one’s self-esteem to live with rejection and it often leads to depression. I have come to realise that it is some of the insecurities that we carry that cause worry, confusion and loneliness. Sometimes, our emotional issues affect us so deeply that we take it out on others and end up hurting our loved ones. It is seldom our intention to hurt someone close to us but it happens time and time again because underlying emotions that may not have been addressed may lead to anger. I believe, however, that while we realise how our actions affect those around us, it is never too late to turn the tables. We can all learn to be better people and we should make it our personal mission. There is always room for improvement in the path towards humanity. At the end of the day, we all want to smile and be happy but, if we keep on being the same person, we cannot change a thing. We first have to change within ourselves before we can change the world – and that is the only way to create a better world. The best reason for wanting to become a better person is to be able to live a better life and contribute towards making the world a better place. That can only happen if more people become peace-loving. We are living in a very cruel world because we hurt one another in anger. The anger that we carry can cause us to destroy each other and that is why it is so important to strive for peace. The more peaceful human beings are, the safer the world will be. I urge everyone to seek inner peace at any given stage of their life because that is where happiness begins. If we want to be better people, we need to be happy people and to be happy people, we need to be peaceful people. The understanding of the need for  peace is the greatest form of intelligence because, through peace, the entire human race can prosper. Becoming a better person is a journey, based on discovering yourself and knowing where your anger comes from and what you can do to make yourself happy. Realising that you are not perfect could be the beginning of the process of self-awareness and the awareness of self can open one’s mind to see their weaknesses and strengths. We can only want to be better if we recognise why we need to be better. There has to be a motivation for everything we do and the greatest motivation for a human being is love – loving others and being loved in return is why we need to become better human beings. gladiator

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