Words of Wisdom: Reflecting back in 2017 and flexing muscles for 2018

Alone Pilusa
Alone Pilusa

The 2017 has been tough and taxing year on national and personal level, most of us are saying final this year is kneeling on its knees.

Some of us we will remember it as the year that stole our loved ones, a year in which you might have lost your job or a year you might have dropped out from school because of lack of funds. It reminds me of the saying ‘Tough time don’t last but tough people do.’ The fact that you are still alive today attests to this timeless adage.

You must not allow your 2017 troubles to interfere with your potential 2018; you need to capacitate your mind with a great deal of positivity and optimism to succeed in the coming year.  That’s why the bible talks about the renewing of our minds in the book of Romans, unless you resolve to make 2017 the year of great exploits and prosperity no one can do it for you. You must turn your scars into your stars. I normal tell people to convert their lemons into lemonades. If your 2017 was your lemon, make it a point that your 2018 becomes your lemonades. Don’t go to 2018 with depressed mind because you will contaminate your possible good year. I got this quote from the book of John C Maxwell (Failing forward) by Albert Gray saying ‘The common denominator of success lies in forming the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.’ This is what I call Radical Personal Transformation (RPT) the highest form of transformation in life.

As much as we have experienced some difficult moments in 2017, that should not stop you to cherish and celebrate good times you had this year. Make sure that you magnify those highlights so that you draw strength and motivation from it. After learning your lessons from trouble experiences in 2017, then I will encourage you to isolate those negative moments.

I want to wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year, take time to give love to your whole family by buying them gifts and spoiling them, creating a good memory with them. If you don’t have money just show how much you love them through your actions. Looking forward to continue to partner with you on your journey of your success. Those of you driving long distances do me one favor by not drink and driving. I love so much. Love, Peace and happiness.


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