Let’s Talk About It – The art of persistence

Success belongs to everyone with the relevant qualities and who apply them consistently. We may all want to be successful but very few people get there, even those who do have the right qualities – hard work, passion, determination, dedication and all that. If, however, we lack just one thing – the art of persistence – we are bound to fail. I have seen many people with great talents, ideas, skills and qualities that can lead them to great destinations, end up nowhere because they just did not have the drive to push through. We can have it all but, without the energy to persist through all circumstances that one has to face, it is like fighting a losing battle. Being successful is a full-time job and one needs to be fully committed. The art of persistence is based on faith and action because dreams only come true when action is taken. It is also a concept based on working consistently towards one’s goal. If you do something and you give up along the way, it will be difficult to convince anyone that you are good at it. Consistency builds a good reputation because, no matter what one might think or do, people are always watching. The one thing about people is that they talk. Being a persistent person means not giving up on what you want, no matter how long it takes. It is about being driven and staying motivated, even when life throws challenges at you. Few people can persist through the hard times but those who do are sooner or later rewarded. Many people prefer the easy way but the truth is, ‘easy come, easy go’. It only makes sense that what you receive easily you will lose the same way and what you earn through years of endurance will be more appreciated. To all ambitious people, my message is simple – just apply persistence in order to reach your goals. The truth is that nothing is impossible. Success is not always about working hard. It is true that there are many people who have worked hard all their lives but are not successful. We are living in a new world now where things work differently. Without persistence, however, nothing can be achieved. I would advise anyone who is interested in learning more about the art of persistence to read a book titled
‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. I believe this is basically a map to success.

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