Let’s Talk About It – It’s not about where we come from

I have observed and noticed that many people blame their circumstances for their failures in life. It is important to realise, however, that where we come from does not really determine where we are going. If we are all to blame our backgrounds, then most of us would see no signs of success because many of us come from povertystricken situations and have risen above our circumstances and have made it. It is good to not forget where we come from because it keeps us grounded as we climb the ladder of success; it is great to honour our humble beginnings. It is even more inspiring to work towards giving back to where we come from because, like it is said, ‘charity begins at home’. We are literally shaped by our environment. As important as it is to embrace where we come from, it should not hold us back from striving for greatness. It is mostly when we start looking down on ourselves that we develop a doubtful mindset. The beliefs that we hold about our beginnings may either make us or break us because that is where our paths are paved. Our environments may either inspire us to become more or hold us prisoner because of our fear of leaving our comfort zone. Our future, as people, was never determined by where we come from and I think it is a cliché to blame our circumstances for our shortcomings. Many people have many excuses for not being successful and, as long as an individual has room for excuses when it comes to their future, there is something terribly wrong. I believe there should be no excuse when it comes to the level of success that one desires. Let us stop blaming our circumstances because most great men and women were raised from the worst situations. I believe it is attitude and mindset that determine how we view our environment. For example, in a place where someone only sees poverty, another can see opportunities for wealth. It once again boils down to the fact that poverty is a state of mind and, if it is so, then so it is for wealth. Instead of looking for the negatives in our environment, we should rather look for the positives. A conscious individual can see that, as much as there is even beauty in a struggle, success can also be ugly (dangerous or harmful). The more we choose to see beauty in a world that is overcome by sadness and misery, the more we will see how we can implement positive changes to ensure the desired outcome.
The mind can change the environment and the environment shows what kind of people reside it in. Instead of blaming our circumstances, let us rather see how we can play a part in influencing it positively. Maybe then, we will see different results.

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