Allegations of patients without food untrue,’ says Carletonville Hospital

Last week, Carletonville Hospital denied allegations that there was no food in the hospital.
During the week, members of the public had been complaining to the Herald that there was a food shortage at the facility.
‘Today, they handed out porridge to the patients, including those on special diets, in the morning, They went on to
serve pancakes and eggs in the afternoon and now, in the evening, they dished up vetkoek with soup.
‘The food is believed to have been a donation,’ complained an upset member of the public on 30 January.
By Tuesday, 6 February, people were taking to social media to advise members of the community to take food to
their loved ones in the hospital themselves.
On that day, the Herald asked a spokesperson for this hospital, Mr Mathabo Letsoalo, to comment on the allegations
that there was apparently no food at the hospital.
‘These allegations are not true. The department has had liquidity difficulties and, as a result, some suppliers were not able to deliver certain items.
All meals have been provided and continue to be provided although we are not able to adhere to the meal planner at
times,’ Letsoalo assured.
When asked how the matter had been sorted out, Letsoalo said the hospital had used a number of mechanisms to
ensure that the patients are being provided with meals. These include asking the suppliers to deliver the goods with
the understanding that the hospital will liaise directly with central office on their behalf to speed up the payments.
Another intervention was to borrow from other institutions that are able to assist. A third was to use other hospital
funds to maintain supplies.
‘Fortunately, there have since been payment runs and we are now in the process of replenishing all stores,’ Letsoalo
said on Tuesday evening.
He added that the hospital had not been affected at all by an alleged medicine shortage that, according to a press
release by the Democratic Alliance, had resulted from a computer failure at the Auckland Park Medical Supplies

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