Let’s Talk About It – Respect humble beginnings

Everyone has their own story to tell and, I believe, everything starts somewhere. It is important for us, as humans, to respect our humble beginnings because that is where greatness is formed. Many people have inferiority complexes because of their current situations and circumstances. It takes a strong mind to rise to the occasion when pressed by the pressures of life. Most people would rather not start at the bottom but would like to end up on top. The reality is that we have to work our way up. It is clear that most people prefer the easy way but the question is, is it worth it and does it last? We all have to choose between the easy way and the hard way. I personally believe in humble beginnings
because that is where the story begins. It is better to have suffered to reach the point of success in a story worth telling than to make it without any personal effort. Many great men who are still remembered to this day, began with very humble beginnings and managed to become the people we know today. What most of us don’t understand is that we write our story every day of our lives – that is what life is all about. Being afraid of the struggle or challenges basically means we are not willing to go through the process of progress. We must take pride in whe
re we come from and strive to be more so we can improve that place. I believe it is the duty of the members of a disadvantaged community to improve that community. We are born into different circumstances so we can learn something, not to become those circumstances. Instead of seeing darkness and gloom in our humble beginnings, we should rather draw inspiration from them and be encouraged to become better people. The fact is, everyone deserves a better life – the difference is how much we want to better it. Humble beginnings should not discourage us but rather humble us because, sometimes, it takes a little suffering to learn to appreciate the good things life has to offer. What makes people feel inferior is comparing themselves to others. If we keep judging ourselves because we do not have this and that, we lose the self-esteem we need to get the very things we lack. Self-image is the way we perceive ourselves. If we see ourselves as winners, we will win and vice versa. Let us view our humble beginnings as stepping stones instead of setbacks. I believe true character comes from surviving the hardships. As they say, ‘the tougher the battle, the sweeter the victory’. Greatness comes from humble beginnings so let us honour the journey to success.

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