Let’s Talk About It – Living your real life

It has come to the fore that many of us, as human beings, are not happy with where we are. The more I communicate with people, the more I come to the enhanced realisation that many are not living the life they desire or wish to live. It has become even clearer that many people are dying inside because of the lack of fulfilment. Let’s face it, as much as we are on the chase for money and material things, there is really no fulfilment there. We can work as hard as we can for the accumulation of the worldly things that we so often spend our efforts trying to accomplish but it doesn’t mean we will be happy. I believe that human beings need to stop looking for happiness in things because we are not made of material but of a soul. The truth is, a life without happiness is not daring to live. Sometimes, a human being can want so much but, still, their want keeps increasing and nothing seems to really satisfy them. We need to get to the bottom of what really causes our unhappiness so we can find the solution to creating the happy life that we all desire. I have come to discover that real happiness starts in the life we live. We cannot expect happiness from living a life that we really don’t want to live. To be happy, we must strive to live the life we want. I have also come to realise that many of us live according to other people’s standards and expectations and spend a great of time trying to please or impress them. This, I believe, is a complete waste of time. I have seen that some people seek the approval of others and, if they do not get it, they cannot do what they actually want. Many people struggle to know themselves and do not really know what they want. This causes conflict when it comes to decision-making. In order to be happy, I believe we have to find out what it is that makes us happy because it is different strokes for different folks. One man’s drink is another man’s poison so one cannot expect fulfilment from another person’s lifestyle. We need to stop imitating what others do and take time to think for ourselves. The minute we stand our ground and do introspection, we will discover what it takes to make us happy. We have to live our own lives and we cannot do that if we don’t think for ourselves and have our own beliefs. We need to use our time on earth to discover ourselves because living without a purpose is worse than death. We have to live the life we desire and, if we are not there yet, striving for that life can, at least, bring fulfilment. While we are striving, let us also seek to do the things we love that make us enjoy life. We should not wait to achieve before we are happy because, after all, we might still be disappointed.

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