Let’s Talk About It – Learn as much as you can

Learning is a basic human responsibility and the path to human growth. I personally feel that learning is inevitable as life teaches us lessons each and every day of our lives. It is, therefore, our duty to take from life teachings. Learning is about becoming better people because everyone has something to work on in their individual lives. It is sad to see how many people have to learn the hard way instead of the easy way. At the end of the day, we all make mistakes that we should learn from. There are many times that we, as people, do not want to learn and we choose to ignore that which is important. My basic advice is that we, as human beings, need to strive to be more open-minded because that is when we become free to learn. Many people think learning is an activity that only takes place at educational institutions but that is clearly not true. I believe that real education is free and it is everywhere, especially in the people who surround us. It is only a matter of developing an interest in what other people have to say and teach us because we, as humans, are here to teach one another and help each other grow.
We may know that some of the solutions to our problems are around us but we fail to recognise them because we are not observant enough. Being observant is not only a matter of watching what’s happening with the eye, it can also be listening with the ear. As the Bible says, ‘He who has eyes to see, let them see and he who has ears to hear, let him hear.’ In order to learn, we need to develop the listening skills in the sense that we really need to pay attention when others speak. A person can always tell if you are listening to them or not and it is important to make others feel that we are doing so. Sometimes, that is all a person needs – to feel recognised. We need to be interested in others’ opinions without letting them dominate our own thinking; that is being open-minded. As a social person, I see how we often miss out on the pleasure of learning from others because of ignorance. Learning is the very essence of living and, once we stop learning, we basically stop living. One can never know enough and one can never know it all because each one is there to teach one. Let us discover the fun in learning and, in all that we do, let us aim to learn as much as we can

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