Havoc at swimming pool

By Monday afternoon the back of the swimming pool was still strewn with empty liquor bottles.

The first thing that something was amiss at the pool, a public facility run by the Merafong City Local Municipality, was a line of stickers stuck all along the fence of the facility.
Once inside the main gate, one could see various bottles, several of which were broken, lying in the parking lot.
However, the worst sight was the swimming pool itself. More than a hundred bottles, most of them glass bottles that once contained some form of alcohol, had been strewn on the grass and paving next to the pool. Although some of the mess in the front and along the sides of the pool had been cleaned in the course of Monday morning, dozens of bottles were still lying on the grass at the back by the afternoon.
Bags filled with empty bottles were strewn everywhere and many broken bottle shards lay around the facility, despite the fact that two separate signs at the entrance to the swimming pool warn that the use of alcohol inside is prohibited.
“My biggest concern is how many broken bottles might lie under the water,” a concerned member of the public noted.
As far as could be determined, the havoc was the result of an event that had been held at the swimming pool on Sunday.
The police in Carletonville confirmed that all was not well during this event.
They are currently investigating charges of robbery and assault with the intent to do grievous body harm after a man was attacked at round 15:00. He was on his way to the toilet when three men, one of which had red tinted hair, attacked him.
One of the thugs allegedly hit him with a brick while the other searched him and took his money and cellphone while he lay on the ground.
The Herald contacted the municipality about the complaints on Tuesday.
“Malume Mdoko Events booked the venue for a picnic show from 12h00 to 23h00 on Sunday 7 October 2018. The organisers, as required, were briefed on the by-laws regarding access of alcohol at the facility. The requirements and provisions as stipulated by the Joint Operations Committee were emphasised to the organisers,” a municipal spokesperson told the newspaper.
“Access and use of alcohol at the swimming pool is still controlled and not allowed unless strict safety measures are in place. The organisers employed life guards and security personnel to secure and monitor the area around the pool,” the spokesperson added.“To prevent such incidents from happening again, the municipality will ensure compliance to set facilities by-laws during all bookings, including the swimming pool. The organisers were responsible for putting the stickers on the railing in front of the swimming pool”. The municipality also indicated that the stickers on the fence will be removed, and by Tuesday afternoon this had already been done.

Some of the signs that show that liquor is not allowed at the facility.

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