More than 20 foreign nationals arrested

The police arrested at least 22 foreign nationals in and around Potchefstroom over the course of the weekend.

According to a police spokesperson, WO Mpho Manyoba, police were inspecting areas in and around Potchefstroom, and most of the arrests were made because people started running away and hiding in bushes when they saw the police vehicle.

When asked why they ran, it was discovered that they either did not have identification or their identification documents had expired.

Arrests were made on separate occasions all over Potchefstroom.
The foreign nationals were arrested in Miederpark, Wandellaan and the areas of the small holdings around Potchefstroom.

Most of the foreign nationals were either from Zimbabwe, Mozambique or Malawi.

‘One of them had a passport for visiting purposes only, which had already expired in 2011,’ Manyoba said.

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