Home Affairs wants my parents’ graves

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Johannes Dodo Thaane (51) has been struggling to get an ID for over ten years.

Thaane has an ID which is said to be invalid. He has a passport, driver’s license, and a bank account at Standard Bank and Post Bank, but he somehow shares an ID with someone else.
Thaane claims to know Home Affairs inside and out due to his plight.
“I have nothing to prove to them I’m South African.
I have all the documents but what they want is hard to get.
They want my primary school documents, for example. I started school in 1971 but there is no record for those years. They want my parents’ death certificates but they died some 35 years ago. Then they further wanted their grave-numbers so I had to go to Vaal cemetery.
“I only hope this helps me as I’m tired of being sent from pillar to post.I have to even provide my late wife’s documents whose documents I lost control of 15 years before she died,” says Thaane. Thaaane says he has travelled abroad to Israel while studying Theology and he has also been to Lesotho.

In these places however, his situation did not matter. At the time of going to print Home Affairs had not responded to Thaane’s matter.

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