Football decisions are taken in taverns and bedrooms

The recent form of football in this region shows that decisions are no longer taken in the boardroom but at taverns and perhaps in bedrooms.
TOUCHLINE is fully aware that some of football administrators in this region bribe some development coaches by buying them alcohol so that they can vote for them as this region prepares itself for elections.
This is sad for football- to see how hard working development coaches are used by those who are hungry for power.
The current generation of football administrators is killing our beautiful game.
They are a disgrace to football to say the least. They should hang their hands in shame!
Sedibeng football has lost its dignity and pride because the only time we make decisions is when we are drunk. It’s a shame when TOUCHLINE recalls how this region used to have dignified men and woman who were committed to running this beautiful sport.
Why should we continue to vote for the people who don’t have football interest at heart? Why do we continue to vote our friends in power even when we know that they know nothing about football?
Or it is because we are all drinking buddies?
TOUCHLINE is aware that the former Emfuleni Local Football Association (ELFA) interim committee chairman Phillip Ndlovu has been approached to take over as the chairman of the association (SAFA). To make it worse, Ndlovu was approached by the very same people who showed a vote of no confidence in him when he was forced to step down. This is hypocrisy at its best!
TOUCHLINE’s advice to Mr Ndlovu is to: “TRUST BUT NOT TOO MUCH.”

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