Ma veg verbete teen kanker

Ons almal is bewus van kanker, maar dit is eers wanneer dié siekte iemand naby jou tref dat jy werklik die uitdagings wat daarmee gepaard gaan, besef.
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Stroke – Are you at risk of a brain attack?

With 28 October to 3 November being World Stroke Week and today, 29 October, being World Stroke Day, ER24 is urging people to educate themselves about the condition.


Our brains are a complex network of billions of neurons, each connecting to thousands of other neurons in a continual “ripple” of activity resulting in, on average, 6 000 thoughts a day. During exams, and times of great stress, our brain activity goes into overdrive, so to speak, with more “connections” taking place than there are trees and their leaves in the entire Amazon rainforest!

Locnville twins do it double at JSC

There was an air of exitement at the Johannesburg Sky Diving Club in Carletonville when Locnville paid the club a visit last Saturday.
Supporting acts in shooting process

Local artist video shoot

“The track is based on people wanting to see me fall and bad friends acting like they care. The video was inspired by fans who wanted a music video and since I wanted my story to be heard as well as seen, I made it happen.” This, in a nutshell, is how Mosimanegape Lobakeng aka…

Christene moet vreugde in die Here vind

As jy as kind van die Here in ‘n hegte en lewende verhouding met Hom lewe, kan jy ten spyte van swaarkry, neerdrukkende ellende en selfs lewensgevaar die vreugde van die ware godsdiens vind.

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