Soos ek sê: die skade en skande kom vanself.

Merafong’s debts are increasing

The West Rand District Council noted the Auditor-General’s (AG) report on the annual financial statements at its last council meeting.

Let’s Talk About It – Learn as much as you can

Learning is a basic human responsibility and the path to human growth. I personally feel that learning is inevitable as life teaches us lessons each and every day of our lives. It is, therefore, our duty to take from life teachings. Learning is about becoming better people because everyone has something to work on in…

Allerhande slim verhale met verkiesing op pad

Met dié dat die eerste voorbereidings vir die volgende verkiesings die afgelope naweek plaasgevind het, dink Wysneus dat ons binnekort weer al meer wonderlike verhale uit die monde van politici gaan hoor.

Let’s Talk About It – Living your real life

It has come to the fore that many of us, as human beings, are not happy with where we are. The more I communicate with people, the more I come to the enhanced realisation that many are not living the life they desire or wish to live. It has become even clearer that many people…

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