Let’s Talk About It – Becoming a better person

It is an undisputed fact that no one is perfect and, if anyone could be perfect, they wouldn’t be human. As people, we tend to expect others to be perfect and yet we know that we all make mistakes. Allowing ourselves and others to be imperfect takes a great deal of acceptance. Not feeling accepted…
Alone Pilusa.

Words of Wisdom: Overcoming Crisis

Living on earth requires of us to expect the unexpected and prepare for the unforeseen. Nobody thought the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe would step aside in 2017 in the manner in which he did. It took a crisis to enforce such change. The soldiers became the drivers of that crisis; that’s the nature of life….

Let’s Talk About It – just start doing

Everyone has something they want to achieve in life; the only dilemma is where and how to start. We can all dream, plan and envision where we want to be but as long as we do not take the first step, we will never really know what we are doing. It is one thing to…

Let’s Talk About It – The pressure

As human beings, we have to go through so much pressure in life that it often leads to depression. The kind of pressure usually depends on the stage of life we are at but, the truth is, not everyone can handle the pressure that comes with life. It is not easy to deal with pressure….

Let’s Talk About It – Don’t be afraid to fail

I believe that many more people would succeed if they were not so afraid of failure. When the fear of failure overrides the excitement of success, we only see the negative and block ourselves from going after our goals. People are too concerned about what others think of them and are afraid of being the…

Let’s Talk About It – Never, ever give up in life

I have noticed that many people have given up in life. They have given up on their dreams, goals, relationships and even a good life. It is a sad reality to see people without hope for the future. We all reach a point where we feel exhausted or drained by our ambitions and, sometimes, it…

Let’s talk About It- Learning to love

I have come to realise that our purposeand duty on earth as human beings is to learn to love. No is one perfect and we all make mistakes – but they are a big part of learning. It is not easy to love but it comes naturally because that is the nature of humanity. The…

Let’s Talk About It – The pressure of material obsession

Let us face it, material things have basically taken over the human life, especially the human mind. Nowadays, people are obsessed with having material objects. We all want beautiful, fancy things for ourselves, often placing us under unnecessary pressure to have those particular things. We have now reached a point where this material obsession has…

Let’s talk about it – The importance of forgiving

It is very important for us, as human beings, to learn to forgive each other. Life is too short to be living with grudges and we will be doing ourselves a favour by letting go of some of the things we may have been holding on to. It is not that easy to forgive someone…
Die man wat so rustig besig was om die boom af te saag.

Elkeen van ons kan ‘n groot verskil maak

Wysneus het die afgelope paar weke dinge gesien wat hom oortuig dat indien ons nie almal saamwerk nie, ons omgewing oor ‘n paar jaar vreeslik gaan lyk.

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